The assessment of student work is done both by external examiner as well as the teachers. The assessment itself undergoes careful review and moderation to ensure that a common standard is applied equally to the work of all students internationally. There is a standardized assessment criteria followed throughout the world, that all students’ work is subjected to the same assessment principles, regardless of which IB school they attend.

School Topper : May 2017

Tanya Sharon Francis

Grades: 30 / 45

EThames Degree College

Bachelor of Commerce Foreign Trade


School Toppers : May 2016

Balaji Vunnava

Grades: 40 / 45

Shiv Nadar University Noida


B.Tech. Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Jayanth Sai Basaboina

Grades:  39 / 45



B.Sc Economics And Industrial Organisation

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